DrupalCamp Singapore 2018 Recap

Table of contents

Last week I was honored with the opportunity to participate in DrupalCamp Singapore 2018 as their Keynote. I want to extend a big thank you to the organization of the Singaporean community lead by SolihinJinata a.k.a. SJ from Pixel Onion for this great event.

Pixel Onion Office Pixel Onion Headquarters

My Keynote wasn’t about how fantastic Drupal is, actually it was more about how awesome Drupal is to let us have the opportunities to pursue other technologies in our path as professional or companies and make those technologies work together or in parallel. You can download the slides here, and a video will be available soon.

Sessions that I liked

There were a plethora of sessions during Drupal Camp, but here’s the ones that I loved.

  • Decoupling Drupal with GraphQL by Pavlos Daniel
  • A quick guide to freedom and travels for developers by Luc Bezier
  • Reaching out to the Physical – Drupal 8 and openHAB by Mark Corben

Local vs. Regional event

DrupalCamp Singapore was promoted as a local but the truth is that it was more a regional event, because in addition to the local community we had speakers and attendees from [sorted North to South, East to West] Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, France and Colombia (me).

Also, there was a BoF about how the APAC Drupal community wants to create an event to promote Drupal in the area. Suggested an event that moves across different countries from year to year. It seems like the first one is going to happen in Indonesia city (TBD), definitely an event to join, stay tune!

In Conclusion

My balance of this DrupalCamp is positive, and I’m looking forward to attending the next APAC community even, where we can get more countries, cultures and languages represented.