European Cloud Summit 2022 Recap

Table of contents

This year the European Cloud Summit 2022 took place in Mainz, Germany. It was my first time there, and even though it is a small city it has a rich history. It was Gutenberg’s home, and in this town in 1440 he created the printing press. Due to its geographical location and rivers, the Roman empire and Egypt empires had a city and you can visit and see their ruins.

Even though this is a “cloud summit” event, it has a clear Microsoft/Azure focus. But you can tell they are trying to be more open, including other cloud technologies. Being my first Cloud related conference, and given my recent Azure certification efforts, it was really interesting for me.

The organization was really good, and this year it had 1,500 attendees & 80 speakers. The catering was good too, and in particular Tuesday night was really fun. They did a mingling event with food and beers which was great.

Both keynote speakers were interesting and 100% outside of what I was expecting. Estonia presented their Government on how their online/cloud approach allows them to have eResidents who can do businesses from outside Estonia. Rimac Technology presented their cloud approach to reduce costs and improve their R&D, plus a bit of this Croatian electric sports car company history which is now associated with Bugatti.

Outside of the keynotes, I would like to highlight the following sessions:
– 5 Anti-patterns for cloud transformation
– From 0 to hero: GitHub actions
– DevOps to DevSecOps
– Developing Serverless Stateful Workflows
– Switching clouds
– Event Driven Architecture for a win

The slide decks were added to the sessions so you can have a sneak peak of what these sessions were about.

It is always good to meet new people, visit conferences like this one to get more in depth into new technologies, and in particular to see that things are starting to get back to normal (post-COVID I mean). I hope next year follows this tendency, I really missed getting together with different communities in person and traveling.