How to choose a staffing agency

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Making the decision of teaming up with another agency is an important step that shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to avoid wasting time and resources.

To help you choose the staffing agency that best suits your company’s staffing needs and expectations, it’s necessary to take into consideration the following:

Evaluate your staffing needs

To find the right staffing agency you need to understand the needs of your project. There are four main questions to answer:

  • What type of staffing are you looking for: onshoring, offshoring or nearshoring?

  • What skills and expertise do you need in your team?

  • What type of contract do you require?

  • What is your budget?

Nearshoring* allows you to outsource your project to a nearby country, matching the time zone and reducing costs.***

Now that you are clear on these four questions, you are ready to search for an agency that fits your project needs.

Once you have a few options to consider, decide which one is better for your project based on the following points:

  • Recruitment Process

  • Collaboration

  • Retention

Let’s see each one more in depth.

Recruitment Process

Both hard and soft skills matter, that is why you need to know the recruitment process of the agency you will be working with, after all, you don’t want just any developer, you need one that meets expectations and blends easily in your team.

Make sure that you know the process, how they measure their skills, who measure their skills, and if they take into account communication skills, teamwork, etc., in addition to hard skills.


How will they work with your agency? Knowing how they integrate with your agency will help you avoid problems or delays in the future. Ideally, they should allow you to directly manage the developers as part of your own team.

In addition, it is important to know how they handle conflicts, so if any of the two parties don’t feel comfortable, there will be no issues or delays to continue collaborating.


Why is retention important? Because if you are looking to outsource your long-term projects to this agency, it’s key to avoid wasting time by constantly replacing staff.

If the staffing agency you are considering has more than 10% turnover, it is an indicator that there could be future risks in your project.

Following these tips, you will be able to decide with confidence which staffing agency is right for you.

We hope this has helped you, and remember that in the end, the best agency will be the one that provides the best adaptability to your project.