KeepTrack Tool

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After a long process of trial and error within our team, we ended up creating our own HR tool to manage our resources.

We had tested several resourcing platforms, but we realized that most of them were too generic and none of them combined time tracking and capabilities the way we needed. What we wanted was a custom solution for our needs that could also be useful to other companies.


Our goal was to create a tool that would allow us to keep track of time, manage our team’s capabilities, control time off, and even manage prospect candidates within one platform that was accessible to designated users. We wanted a single solution for resourcing that made it easier to submit time cards. The admin personnel would have access to the time card submissions in order to detect gaps and inconsistencies at a more efficient rate.

KeepTrack recruiting module
With all of this in mind, KeepTrack came to be. With this tool, we created a clearer connection between the people and the projects while being able to monitor the time invested during every sprint. We used NodeJS technology to create it since we needed a data-oriented solution to facilitate the process of consultation and visualization as well as an MVP that could prototype fast.

KeepTrack main features:

  • Timesheet tracking
  • Time off management
  • Resource management
  • Content entry of individual skills
  • Prospect candidates management
  • Generation of personal profile cards and PDF export

User dashboard

Building process in a nutshell

In the creation process, we delved deep into MeteorJS, used React, and incorporated Mongo DB and GraphQL, as well as D3 for visualization.

The tool is constantly updated based on the user feedback we receive and on the request for new features.

Since using the tool with our team, we have significantly increased productivity. Since all of the information is accessible through this tool, we are able to simply filter by technology of interest and results populate with a list of those who are proficient at it.

Our staff uses KeepTrack to their advantage knowing they do not have to access multiple portals or apps to update their profiles with their different abilities. We save time, record information and keep track.

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