Our people

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weKnow has focused on bringing together the best people from all around the world, in order to offer the best digital services but, what makes us outstanding?

The weKnow team works 100% remotely. This benefits us since it enables us to work with the most remarkable professionals from all around the world, breaking the distance and time barriers. These people are selected through a very detailed process where we not only focus on the technical skills but also on the person’s soft skills. The first step involves a technical test according to the area of expertise. If this test is successful, we move on to evaluate how the person will benefit the team and vice versa. The person also undergoes a series of English assessments, technical screenings and a hands-on review with a real life scenario.

Our people. What we stand for.

Being part of weKnow means you have exceptional soft skills, especially when it implies communicating. We look for experienced people to be part of a multicultural and multilingual team capable of adapting to the different clients and their needs. We value transparent, responsive, attentive, self sufficient and self motivated individuals that know how to communicate assertively, even at a distance. weKnow members have a desire to learn; they never settle. They are always learning new skills, technologies and tools. Life on edge makes us faster and more insightful and, when we don’t find a technological approach that is good enough for us, we make our own!

To bring our team together, we focus on building leaders by helping the members of the team become experts. Eduardo Garcia, Jesus Manuel Olivas and Omar Aguirre are the main leaders who have guided the team to obtain the desired goals and, as a result, we have become Latin America’s top leaders and active members of the Drupal and Open Source communities. We have been recognized within the market for our seniority which has resulted in us being the main contributors of the Drupal Console project, we have also developed new Drupal modules from scratch, organized and helped out with community events such a Drupal Camp Costa Rica and open source trainings, and are constantly on the lookout for new projects to get involved with.

For over 10 years, we have built premium digital experiences for each one of our clients. We have earned our reputation through flawless execution of both client work and community projects. As our client you can expect constant communication, transparency, responsibility, a dedicated account manager as a contact in case any issue shows up, fast conflict resolution, empathy, flexibility, and most importantly, excellence. We can be just what you are looking for so don’t think about it twice and reach out to us!