A simple guide to finding the right software development company

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Your ultimate goal is to attract customers to your business. Naturally, you want an agency that understands your goals and vision; therefore whatever product you want to develop will need to be the end result of great synergy.

Here are a few reasons why customers choose some companies versus others. Partner with an agency that strives for great performance, because who does not like a happy ending with top-notch results?

1. Appreciate knowledge and expertise

Look into which programming languages are being used and why, what automation systems they use or recommend: yes, you are dealing with humans but some technologies allow to speed up results. Check if they are up to date with the latest technologies and trends, so your company is too. For instance, at weKnow our we are core Contributors of Drupal Console, GatsbyJS and GraphQL projects, as well as many active maintainers of many Drupal modules and even WordPress tools.

Expertise is evident when they take time to listen, so they really understand your project goals and to pursue them by following your vision. You see them using their skills to create a result you will enjoy and that will bring profits to both.

2. Use Agile/SCRUM methodology

We recommend it because it makes this machine work, ensuring that your budget is well spent and delivery dates are on time.

In the early 2000’s when the Agile methodology first appeared, its benefits were obvious compared to others of the time. As mentioned in this academic article, the core of Agile rests on “recognition of people as the primary drivers of project success, coupled with an intense focus on effectiveness and manoeuvrability”. Currently, it is the most frequently used methodology among software companies for its approach to strategy and development.

3. Choosing a fully remote company, it’s a smart move

Some benefits of hiring a distributed team are employing the best people from around the globe and saving money on infrastructure or maintenance. Moreover, a remote agency with great devs guarantees knowledge and quality at a better price. Click here for more remote work benefits.

Extra tip: Find a distributed company that adjusts to your time zone, remember that projects depend on timely collaboration. Get to know us.

4. Choose an agency willing to share their referrals, background, and trajectory

Think of them as an extension of your own company with people who provide insight on how to leverage fresh technologies. They also have to be willing to demonstrate with their own work how they solve and sort through projects.

Decisive factors vary from person to person, so set your own criteria before choosing, such as a list of the competencies you are looking for, or your desired business management practices. In some cases your final product idea may still be blurry; they should help you sort it out. If you need more tools to find the “right one” and get your plans started then feel free to use our guide with much more to help you choose the best software agency.

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