We’re Going to Seattle!

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DrupalCon 2019

We’re Going to Seattle!

We are a month away from flying out to Seattle for the one thing we have all been waiting for here at weKnow… DrupalCon 2019! Our team is beyond excited to be a part of this event once more as attendees and special conference guests.

Why are we going to DrupalCon?

Most of our WeGive efforts go towards coding for several projects weKnow maintain where we have several developers contributing a significant portion of their time to improving coding tools. Our three main contributors, Jesus Manuel Olivas, Omar Aguirre, and Andres Avila have dedicated their time to projects like the Drupal Console, which has now been downloaded more than 3 million times, helping hundreds of thousands developers code more efficiently. We also take the time to contribute to numerous modules and the Drupal core. This is why we are flying out to Seattle to share with other people and companies our work within the Drupal community.

What are some of the benefits of attending DrupalCon?

In this five day event, people from all around come for the training, conferences, social events and for the wealth of networking opportunities. It opens up your mind to a new world and business views and it allows you to learn about and from other people’s experiences with Drupal. This is the event where we go and soak up the inspiration. As developers, we learn from the strong and inspiring leaders that encourage us to think big and envision our future. It is a boundless source of motivation where they ignite your spark to continue improving your work and technology for the greater good. From the moment you step in, the positive vibe will enthrall you and, if you are a new attendee, you will for sure find support to take your first steps in Drupal. Find a space to bond and strengthen your relationship with colleagues, business partners and dive into the experience.

Our team at DrupalCon

This year, we are going to have our Head of Products, Jesus Manuel Olivas, as a speaker for two sessions. The first one will be in participation with Mario Hernandez and Mark Casias from Mediacurrent, and it is, Introduction to Decoupled Drupal with Gatsby and React where people will understand and learn how to create a React-based Front End with Gatsby in combination with React. The second session is Building a Slack ChatBot where people will understand how to make interactions between computers and humans feel just like an interaction solely between humans. Andres and Omar are looking forward to attending DevOps and Front End sessions such as Drupal Blue/Green deployments with AWS ECS, Serverless, Well Actually…, Gatsby and Drupal, amongst others.

Through our time in Seattle, we will be uploading content and information on our social media sites to keep you updated. If you want to come with us through our journey, follow Jesus Manuel Olivas in twitter as @jmolivas and Andres Avila as @andresavila97. And if you are going to DrupalCon, see you in Seattle!

Drupalcon Seattle 2019

If you are looking to augment your team, execute your vision, automate your process or learn more about Drupal and our contributions, we invite you to get to know us better.