What Services Can You Expect From Your Nearshore Developers?

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Just when globalization has become the most widely used buzzword for business around the world, there’s an increasing need for companies to expand their horizons and start thinking global.

When the world is your playing field, the need to invest in research and development and smart business solutions becomes more prominent.

Whether you’re going global, expanding, increasing your customer base, or just venturing into a newer market, the common problem businesses face is that of bigger data. This is precisely why software development has become a vital solution for businesses who want to compete and bring the best of their capabilities on the table.

Compared to offshore, nearshore outsourcing has proved to be a low-cost alternative for software development. The obvious benefits are that of common time zones, lower language barriers, and potential savings on tax.

Here are a few services you can expect from your nearshore developing company:

**IT staff augmentation****

IT staff augmentation means you outsource human resources on the basis of their specific skills for a limited amount of time. Nearshore companies provide competitive and highly qualified staff to businesses at different rates. These include web developers, quality assurance engineers, and other IT related personnel. The selection of the staff is highly specific and should strictly be in line with not just the business objectives but also the skill set requirements of the job. The purpose of staff augmentation is to bridge the ‘skill gap’ between the company’s in-house technicians and what the task requires.

Through IT staff augmentation, the staff is hired on a temporary basis only for the duration of the project. Most companies adopt this strategy to skip the excessive recruiting and training costs for hiring full time employees. For a company which doesn’t really specialize in modern HR solutions, this could also save a lot of time and effort.

One of the biggest requirements of software development is infrastructure. You don’t only need fast and reliable operating systems but also web development support to help with troubleshoots and bugs. Other than that, there are additional costs for equipment, licenses, software subscriptions, and office furniture.

With IT staff augmentation, all these worries and infrastructure investment can be ruled out. With staff augmentation, the only cost you’d be incurring is that of payroll. Rest is all provided by the staff augmentation vendor.

IT staff augmentation

**Mobile app development services****

According to statistics, the number of mobile users worldwide is expected to hit 4.68 billion in 2019. Despite their innumerable benefits for individuals and households, mobile phones have provided a new avenue for businesses to increase their accessibility and consumer reach.

Getting a personalized mobile app developed for your business is not as difficult as it was back in the days. If you feel like your company doesn’t necessarily have the right human expertise and the required infrastructure to do so, you can always delegate the task to a nearshore company.

The biggest advantage of having a mobile app for your business is the visibility. Consumers tend to spend more time on their phones than they do on laptop screens. Picking up a laptop to browse through the website takes a lot more time and effort as compared to doing the same on a smartphone.

Other than that, digitalizing your buying and selling process means enhancing the user’s convenience and adds to the consumer engagement.

As an added bonus, having your own application makes your brand appear in a certain category on the Play store. When more people stand a chance of somehow stumbling upon your app during their routine browsing, brand recognition and recall also increases. Even if someone doesn’t download the app, they’ll at least notice it and might even remember it for future reference.

Your mobile app is like a blank canvas. You can add whatever designs, fonts, imagery, and information you want. It somehow works the same way as a billboard. This means that mobile apps work not only as an interactive platform but also as a marketing engine.

You can always have a detailed discussion with your nearshore developer and speak about the kind of application interface that is in line with your business needs and objectives.

**Web development services****

In today’s world, businesses lose out on a lot if they have a weak online presence. Your website is probably the most effective lead generation tool for your business. A website essentially bridges the communication gap between your potential customers and you.

It serves as an interactive medium where the customer can learn more about your offerings, browse through product variants, know store locations and timings, and of course, send in their queries. This is why it’s essential that your website should not be highly user-friendly but also well organized so the customer can navigate their way to the WebPages of their interest. A well designed website improves your connectivity and helps you establish credibility for your business.

Nearshore companies are well aware of how to develop a website that guarantees maximum conversion rate. By conversion rate, we mean the number of visitors who get converted into customers.

A nearshore company is not too far from where your business is based in; and so they have a clearer understanding of the business dynamics of your country.

Other than that, web development needs a certain degree of scalability, tech skills and proficiency of language. Nearshore companies not only excel at these but are also well versed with the usage of optimization tools. This makes sure you have a website that’s relevant, specific, and ranks well on the search engines. These companies already have an established process when it comes to web development. The workflow gets summed up in its due time and the specifications are always pre-defined and well met.

**Drupal Content Management System****

Before understanding what Drupal is, you need to know what CMS is. A content management system allows users to edit, publish, or remove any sort of content from their websites.

Drupal allows users to completely change how their websites look by deleting and adding new modules. It happens to be a more technically advanced CMS compared to its competitors.

Although all content management systems enable you to create and build your own website, Drupal takes the lead by virtue of being more cost effective, faster performing, and more customizable.

If your nearshore company uses Drupal to create website content, the biggest benefit you’d enjoy is that of flexibility. Drupal allows you to add a wide range of content categories to your website. These include podcasts, videos, polls, blogs, and statistics.

Other than that, it works as an excellent option if you want to enhance the scalability of your project. No matter what the content growth or how much the website traffic, Drupal has a very accommodating framework. Information shared through the platform is also considered to be safer and more secure as compared to platforms like WordPress.

If you’re looking for a software outsourcing company based out of Costa Rica that specializes in Drupal and Gatsby development services, get in touch with weKnow Inc. We are a nearshore company offering software development and staff augmentation services in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the greater Latin America. Contact us for more details.