Why weKnow?

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Founded in Costa Rica and located in 12 different countries, weKnow has provided solutions for companies based on real experiences for 10 years. We have brought together experts from all around the world to be part of our team.

We believe in the power of autonomy, joy, and well-being, which is why we allow our people to work remotely.

As a company, our mission is to augment smoothly, execute flawlessly and automate efficiently on each interaction.


We care about customer relationships before they happen. We work to display transparency and clarity so that our clients are aware of our people’s overall approach. We polish our skills through ongoing English assessments, soft skills interviews, hands-on challenges, and technical screenings.

This certainly excites many of us here, which is why we created the “KeepTrack” tool.

Through this platform, our developers are able to build their own profile card, which displays and categorizes their abilities and is available for clients who are looking for staff augmentation. We feel that if our developers are confident and recognized about their own competence, then their talents show on each project. This tool also enables our team members to send in their requests which, are managed and processed by the next available person within the administrative department in the shortest time period possible.

Our teams are filled with motivated and inspiring people. We enjoy seeing them display their knowledge across multiple capabilities and technologies; the talents of our team cover AI, Front End/Back End, Mobile, E-Commerce, DevOps, Databases, CRM…


weKnow has a project methodology that guarantees quality. Through this, we can keep track and control the practices between departments and companies.

Our software team uses the Agile methodology. Agile development lifecycle allows us to provide clear and measurable structures that promote a ceaseless workflow and early error recognition. We also integrate it with Scrum practices, which delivers a framework and set of tools that guarantee a more efficient way to manage projects and therefore obtain better results to satisfy our developers.


Automating processes is the key to optimize web development and for time saving. Some benefits of automating the tools we use are: generating most of the code needed for Drupal 8 modules, in some cases removing the need for a dedicated DevOps role or using tools which help non-coders to build complex functionalities. Look into this case study to get to know a bit more about our style.

weKnow presents crafted solutions to all clients through a detailed strategy and looking into their best interest. Nowadays software development is as difficult and competitive just like any other business. Our goal is to help you and your company by providing our solutions in order to help your business run smoothly and make it a pleasant ride. Are you in? Let´s talk!