How do we maintain a powerful team culture within our distributed team

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Behind every successful company, there’s a strong team culture as its foundation. Team culture brings together the values, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes shared by a group of individuals who work together for a common goal. It is built overtime through the interaction of people who are constantly sharing their knowledge and support one another. A strong culture gives everyone involved a space to grow personally and it simultaneously implies a series of benefits for the business such as autonomy, efficiency and financial growth.

Culture is one of the most important factors to consider when a company decides to work remotely. Co-located teams offer a physical space where people may bond and build stronger relationships with one another on a daily basis. When companies decide to work remotely, the daily possibility of interaction is reduced and communication becomes one of the greatest challenges. As a company who works 100% remotely, these challenges have made us formulate a series of three principles that allow us to strive as a group and we want to share those with you.

Principles of Drupal development companies


Communication is an essential part of any kind of human interaction. It allows people to trust each other more, it encourages transparency and makes it easier to resolve conflicts. As a remote team, we are OBSESSED with good communication. We know that distance is a big challenge but this is the reason why we have an instant messaging tool. Everyone in our team is on one same channel and they can ask any questions or voice any concerns at any given moment and everyone else will be informed about it and ready to reply.


The key to maintaining a healthy relationship amongst a remote team, is to trust one another. A strong team culture within distributed teams implies the knowledge that each one of the members works towards the same goals within the same values, in spite of the location or the amount of supervision given. Everyone must trust each other, encourage transparency and flexibility, as long as high quality work is received in return.


Micromanagement is something we avoid. We believe in people taking ownership of their work and letting everyone create their own schedule, as long as the desired product is delivered with amazing quality and good timing. Each member of the team needs to feel confident in their abilities and their work. Everyone is their own leader in this project for a greater purpose.

Here at weKnow, we believe that and empowered team with good communication and trust is capable of outgrowing the distance barrier. It is all about a team with clear values, goals and purposes. We have been working as a remote drupal project company in Latin America for several years and we have managed to make our team as strong and reliable as it could ever be. If you want to learn more about us and how we work here at weKnow, reach out to us!