How we approached building the new weKnow site

Table of contents

It’s been a little over a year since weKnow came to life as a rebranding for Anexus, which allowed me to join the company as a new business partner. My main goal within the company is directing our efforts to explore new fields and technologies (that’s right, we are not just a Drupal shop anymore!)

As a web solution provider, having a website that accurately reflects what we do is a challenging task, because usually our plate is full with client work, and it’s not uncommon to put your own website at the end of the queue. This is why last year we decided to put together a basic landing page while setting aside some time to work on the company image as part of the rebranding.

Come 2017, we had the designs ready and started working on the architecture of the site, with the intention of taking advantage of the techniques, technologies, and lessons we learned while working on our clients’ projects, which led to the successful launch of our revamped site!

During the upcoming weeks, we plan to publish a series of blog posts in which we will explain the tools we used, the modules we selected, and the general reasoning that led to the approach we took. Some of the topics that we will discuss include:

  • Component-Driven design using Pattern Lab.
  • Local development using Docker, Docker Compose, and Traefik.
  • Using Composer to manage project dependencies.
  • Site Configuration Management.
  • Content Synchronization.
  • Continuous Integration workflow and Continuous Deployments.

Stay tuned!