Improving Drupal and Gatsby Integration – The Drupal Boina Distribution

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Drupal 8 has plenty of contributed modules to help you building a headless/decoupled web application. However, getting all those set up correctly could be a daunting task.

Understanding this is an issue that should be addressed and as mentioned previously in our blog posts of this “Improving Drupal and Gatsby Integration” series we wrote and contributed two modules Toast UI Editor and Build Hooks. But there are some other needed modules: JSON-API, JSON-API Extras, Site Settings to mention a few and also a minimum configuration you should take care of to have a pleasant experience with your Drupal-Gatsby integration.

In order to save you from DIY and make this ramp-up easy for Drupal and non-Drupal people. At weKnow, we decided to contribute the Drupal Boina Distribution. Boina comes with everything you need (code, configuration, and even default content), all that will be added to your site during the installation process so you can start working with the Boina Gatsby Starter immediately.

Which modules are included on the Boina distribution?

To see the full list of dependencies for Boina distribution you can take a look at the project composer.json file.

Where do I find this project?

Github repository is located at

Project dependencies

Project setup

# Clone repository
git clone

# Change directory
cd drupal-boina

# Copy .env file
cp .env.dist .env

# Add hostname entry in your /etc/hosts file    drupal-boina.develop

# Start containers
ahoy up

# Install Composer dependencies
ahoy composer install

# Install Boina distribution
ahoy drupal boina:install

If you want to take a look a the running Drupal site

You can access the API endpoints from this link

Feel free to give a try end let us know your thoughts leaving a comment

Are you excited as we are with GatsbyJS and this new API Driven approach?

We invite you to check back as this series continues, exploring more tools we are building to contribute back to Drupal and Gatsby ecosystems that will allow you to implement a Drupal and Gatsby integration without needing to DIY.