weKnow’s crew landing at BADCamp 18!

Oct 23, 2018

Autumn is in the air… and part of the weKnow team is heading to BADCamp18, each one of them excited to share experiences, our team culture and contribute to strengthening ties among the members of the Drupal community.

This is a very special BADCamp edition as it sets a milestone in weKnow’s journey. Back in 2011, this was one of the first Drupal events that we attended in the USA. This year we increased the number to 8 attendants and we proudly became one of the event’s sponsors.

BADCamp is simply the biggest DrupalCamp in the world, reporting 1,300 attendees in 2017 and featuring Summits, Sessions and training in benefit of the open source community. The event will be held at UC Berkeley from October 24th to 27th, 2018.

WeKnow’s team at BADCamp is backed and led by our CTO Jesús Manuel Olivas, one of the co-maintainers of the Drupal Console . He will be speaking on the hottest topics of the event: Decoupled Drupal, APIs, React and GatsbyJS, don't miss his session How to keep Drupal relevant in the Git-based and API-driven CMS era .

Sponsoring an event like this is the best way we found to support countless developers from all around who believe in the strong values of a collaborative and open source community.

This is weKnow’s full roster for BADCamp 18:

1. Jesús Manuel Olivas / CTO at weKnow Inc. 2. Omar Aguirre / Products Division & DevOps 3. Jorge Valdez / Drupal Full Stack Developer 4. Joseph Zamora / Drupal Frontend Developer 5. Miguel Castillo / Drupal Backend Developer 6. Harold Juarez / Drupal Full Stack Drupal Developer 7. Manuel Santibañez / Drupal Full Stack Drupal Developer 8. Heissen Lopez / Drupal Frontend Developer We hope to meet you there!

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