Senior Drupal Back End Developer

You are a good fit if you check these items

  • Must possess at least 3+ years of experience in Drupal.
  • Must possess at least 2+ years in PHP and MySQL.(if Backend or Full Stack)
  • Familiarity with a variety of SQL compliant database platforms, web servers, and environments.(if Backend or Full Stack)
  • Backend dev with solid Drupal 9 experience.
  • Preferably experience with migration and API integrations.
  • Experience creating custom Drupal modules
  • Experience working with PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Experience designing and developing responsive design websites
  • Focus on efficiency, user experience, and process improvement.
  • Strong understanding of the web development cycle and programming techniques and tools.

What the position involves

  • Design and implement web applications, prototypes, user interfaces, and websites for clients.
  • Maintain and support existing systems and websites, and realize it is just as important and challenging as building new apps.
  • Design and develop websites using Drupal.
  • Analyze client’s needs and develop the appropriate functionality, while not overbuilding.
  • Translate specifications from analysts and graphic designers into working applications.
  • Work closely with front-end developers and customers to ensure an effective, visually appealing, functional and intuitive implementation

You should work with us if...

  • You have lots of tools in your belt to get the job done and know what to use when.
  • You embrace the pragmatic solution, even if it isn’t glitzy.
  • You take simplicity and elegance over technical complexity any day.
  • You understand that getting to the best solution sin’t always fast or easy.
  • You believe in the power of collaborative teamwork and information sharing.
  • You think that taking incremental steps is the productive path to the ultimate solution.
  • You like working with smart and creative people.
  • You like working with exciting clients that do really cool stuff, like helping the environment.
  • You want to be part of a close-knit company that is growing in the right ways.

Apply only if you...

Reside in Latin America

Communicate effectively in English

Have 3+ years of experience