DevOps Engineer

You are a good fit if you have...

  • Experience with DigitalOcean or Platform.SH cloud hosting environments
  • Experience with web applications built with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 
  • Well-versed in SCM, CI, and deployment automation tools. 
  • Strong skills in shell scripting and configuration management tools. 
  • Linux tools/applications and concepts (Linux NFS, Postfix, SSH, DNS, iptables/ufw, ACL, etc.). 
  • General understanding of basic networking concepts and network security practices. 
  • Direct experience with deploying, configuring, and managing Linux servers and services, and all sizes of web hosting environments. 
  • Experience with optimizing site performance, testing, analyzing, and improving site speeds. 
  • Planning, testing, and implementing new application environments for both internal and client use.

What the position involves

  • Responsible for the implementation and support of our managed cloud hosting. 
  • Refine and manage deployment orchestration through the use of SCM and CI tools. 
  • Provide technical guidance, knowledge transfer, and mentorship to engineering peers as required. 
  • Plan and perform server maintenance according to Unleashed Technologies policies, which are based on industry best practices.
  • The primary job focus will be to work with the cloud hosting and development teams to deploy, maintain, and optimize web application hosting environments. Secondarily, you may be expected to perform basic tasks within our cloud hosting infrastructure. 

You should work with us if...

  • You have lots of tools in your belt to get the job done and know what to use when.
  • You embrace the pragmatic solution, even if it isn’t glitzy.
  • You take simplicity and elegance over technical complexity any day.
  • You understand that getting to the best solution isn’t always fast or easy.
  • You believe in the power of collaborative teamwork and information sharing.
  • You think that taking incremental steps is the productive path to the ultimate solution.
  • You like working with smart and creative people.
  • You like working with exciting clients that do really cool stuff, like helping the environment.
  • You want to be part of a close-knit company that is growing in the right ways.

Apply only if you...

Reside in Latin America

Communicate effectively in English

Have 3+ years of experience