We're ready for the next level! Anexus leaps forward and becomes weKnow Inc.

San José, Costa Rica - July 10th, 2018

Anexus (also known as Anexus IT) becomes weKnow Inc. (wK) a United States company registered in California with operations in both the US and Costa Rica. While we will focus all our marketing efforts on weKnow, we will maintain Anexus as an entity to continue the current administrative operations to support our invoicing from Latin America.

In 10 years, Anexus evolved from two freelance developers working out of a 7 x 20 ft. garage space, to a team of 43 people spread across 11 countries and 3 continents. This steady and organic growth allows us to improve every step of the way. In order to continue that success, we felt the time was right to change skin, rebrand, and keep reaching for the next milestone.

One of the key aspects that triggered the birth of weKnow was having Jesús Manuel Olivas (Mexicali, México) joining the company as a shareholder and taking the role of Head of Products. Jesús’s role as a leader of the Drupal / Open Source community adds value to our services offering when it comes to quality and innovation.

Kenny Abarca, CEO of Anexus and weKnow commented that “Having Jesús on the team ensures that we continue our path of leadership and innovation associated with the value added to our partners. We put Jesús’s and Enzo’s expertise in complex web applications towards working with both our developers and partners to create the best scenarios leading to successful web projects”.

With this move, Omar Aguirre (Monterrey, México) was brought in as part of the Products division, having an active role in planning and coding for three of our internal projects. He is also involved in running Consulting for our partners when it comes to DevOps best practices.

weKnow is more than our company name, it’s our mission statement. weKnow reminds our team and our clients that we bring real value to any engagement providing expertise and know-how.

While we are known for our Drupal expertise, we are constantly broadening our horizons. In the near future look for our offerings in a diverse ecosystem of technologies such as Symfony, React, Angular, Vue, REST API, Chatbots, GraphQL and consulting in Automation and DevOps.

While being in the US allows us to work closely with our partners, it also lets us comply with our partner MSA to provide liability insurance for all our work and provide W2 employees to work from our partner’s office.

All of us at weKnow are very excited at how our brand is being embraced at Drupal camps and the largest of Drupal get-togethers, Drupalcon.

Anexus is a company founded in Costa Rica in 2009 by Eduardo García and Kenny Abarca providing Drupal web application development services to our clients in Costa Rica, United States and Canada.

To learn more about our Drupal nearshore staffing services, don’t hesitate to contact us at yes@weknowinc.com