Nearshore Data Scientists & Data Engineers

Save time and costs of hiring in-house data experts

Get highly skilled data experts in Latin America within your timezone.

Hiring in-house talent is expensive and time-consuming.

Hiring under tight deadlines and budgets can be frustrating.

Sure, there are options like freelancers or teams overseas, but clients we chat with often mention struggles with communication and quality. Plus, there can be some risk involved.

The result? Project delays and wasted resources.

Save time and stay on budget by hiring Latin American Data experts. Same time zone and cultural fit.

Hire faster

Hiring can take months. That's why we have a pre-qualified pool of Data experts, so you can find the skills you need in less than two weeks.

Reduce costs

Focus on your project, not your budget. Hire top nearshore talent at competitive rates and reduce recruitment and HR costs.

Great teamwork

Our developers share your time zone and cultural fit, ensuring clear communication from the start.

Ready to take on that project but need more hands on deck? No problem!

Imagine saying goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right talent, reading through endless resumes, and dealing with unreliable freelancers.  Many clients tell us the same story, and we’re here with the solution.

Here’s what you can avoid with our services:

You can reduce time, costs, and risks by staffing your projects with weKnow Inc.

Since 2009, we’ve focused on refining our strategy to get you high-quality developers faster, so you can meet deadlines with confidence.

Choose your devs

Share your ideal candidate's skills, and we'll connect you with pre-qualified candidates from our pool.

Quick placement

Once you decide, with the involvement of our delivery person, we will ensure a successful integration into your team.


We proactively check in with both developers and clients throughout the project to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Scale up or down as needed.

Up or down, your call. We make it easy without so much protocol, so you can decide how to form your team without tying yourself down to permanent hires.

weknow inc nearshore staffing

Staff your team with Data Experts.

Our team isn’t just handpicked by recruiters, our data experts fulfill all requirements: experience, English proficiency, matching time zones, and strong soft skills.

Reduce project risk. Staff with peace of mind.

Hiring can be a gamble. We eliminate that uncertainty with our risk-management delivery team. This team supports developers during integration, reducing churn and accelerating project timelines.  They also maintain close communication with both sides, addressing any potential issues before they arise.

weKnow Inc team
Client feedback

don’t just take our word for it

Hire weKnow’s talent. Decode your data and turn it into easy-to-read information.

Increase your workforce remotely

Flexible and cost-effective. Add nearshore data engineers to your team temporarily and save on time and costs.

Outsource with a remote team

Develop a high-quality, end-to-end data processing solution using the best software practices.

We have a selection of experts in the latest data frameworks

Cloud technologies and providers

BI & Data Analysis

Data Pipeline Tools


Services & Frameworks

Data Storage & Data Lake

Build, manage and process complex data sets with our experts

Data Engineering & Architecture

Build infrastructure and scalable data systems designed for efficiency.

Organize your data

Our data engineers design and build complex infrastructure to transform raw data into clean information ready for analysis.

Integrate data effectively

Our team unifies all your data no matter the source, and cleans, transforms, and merges the information with effective processing techniques.

Build and manage data pipelines

Our data engineers build and manage data pipelines for a seamless and efficient flow from various sources to a data warehouse or analytics system.

Optimize system performance

Experience faster response times through index design, data partitioning, query optimization, and database configuration.

Scale your data

We handle large volumes of data and design scalable architectures that allow future growth.

Data Scientist

Use data to get valuable insights, build predictive models, and come up with data-driven solutions.

Unlock the power of your data

Our Data Scientists explore datasets, uncover patterns, analyze variables, and present their findings in an accessible manner to reveal valuable insights and help you make data-driven decisions confidently.

Get accurate data-driven predictions

We develop predictive models using ML, training them on historical data, and assess their performance to significantly improve their predictive capabilities.

Data Analyst/Business Intelligence

Analyze your data and get easy-to-read insights that support your business decision-making.

Easily visualize your data

Our Data Analyst/BI experts transform complex data sets into easy-to-understand reports using Tableau or PowerBI. This way you can understand and explore your data easily.

Track your KPIs

Our experts measure the performance using KPIs, and create dashboards/reports to help you track progress, find areas to improve, and make better decisions.

Validate your data

Our team ensures data accuracy by identifying data discrepancies, inconsistencies, or errors.

Translate data findings into strategies

We analyze data and extract meaningful insights to help you with strategic recommendations for your business.

Machine Learning

Make your programs learn from your data, solve problems, automate tasks, and predict the future.

Enhanced performance

Our machine learning experts ensure optimal performance and accurate predictions by considering algorithm characteristics and selecting suitable algorithms for each task.

Expert model training

Our experts train machine learning models on big data using preprocessing, feature engineering, validation, tuning, and model selection to enhance accuracy and gain insights.

Achieve ongoing real-time optimization

Get real-time processing by deploying, monitoring, and integrating machine learning models into production systems.

Delivery is a group of technical experts that help developers when issues arise. They specifically help with blockers and concerns related to assigned tickets, estimates or time allocation. They’re constantly keeping an eye on things, preventing headaches before they even start. They avoid problems, and you may not even notice!

The quality of our engineers is backed by our catalog of clients and proven years of experience. We conduct a thorough interview process and evaluations by our experienced technical team. This process assesses both hard skills and soft skills in equal measure.