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Nearshore Development Services

Nearshore Development Services

Latin America has shown great promise as an emerging technological development hub. With close proximity to the United States, the smaller time zones and the ease of communication allows for effective project management and expedited service delivery.

weKnow Inc. works with a huge network of nearshore web developers in Costa Rica and the greater Latin America to offer excellent nearshore software development services to American corporations. With the diverse skill sets of Latin American programmers offer and our project management abilities at your disposal, we can guarantee high quality end products for your IT needs.

When it comes to working with American programmers, you will find that there is little cost advantage and that the skill limitations within the market require multiple individuals to work on the same project. With the increasing numbers of a minimally skilled workforce, your management and financial burdens simultaneously also become much more difficult to bear.

However, working with Costa Rican or other Latin American developers you get to work with a team possessing versatile skill-sets at a fraction of the cost.

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Versatile Skill Sets and Experienced Project Managers

A major problem working with remote development teams is the unreliability of offshore programmers. In-house teams are easily managed and since they work within the organization, easier to get in touch with. However, the advantage of working with Costa Rican developers allows you to coordinate with your remote programming teams during your own work hours.

Our teams have been thoroughly trained in setting up and maintaining vibrant, open channels of communications to resolve client queries at the earliest possible opportunity. We can be contacted at any time of the day and your programmers will coordinate directly with you on the progress of your projects.

weKnow Inc. programmers are some of the most innovative minds in the tech development industry. We ensure that all your projects are concluded without a hitch and our rigorous quality control procedures allow only for the highest quality end products for your organizations.

The programmers in our team are skilled in various project and development techniques including Agile, Scrum and possess cross platform development skills. When combined with the cost advantages of working with Latin American programmers, you’re given access to a low cost and comprehensive solution to your programming needs.

Speak with weKnow representatives today to learn about the full extent of our nearshore software development services or to hire us as your software development experts.