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Open Source Development

Open Source Development is perhaps the simplest solution to your IT and software requirements. Licensed to undergo source code changes, you can find software well suited to your needs free of cost. Considering that these are generic software and applications, the real challenge comes with trying to manipulate these to match your organizational requirements.

This includes changing appearances, debugging and introducing new lines of code to make the open source application your own rather than one picked out online. For all of these processes to be completed, your programmers need to be thoroughly skilled to understand the workings of the code and to make manipulations such that the existing structures support the changes.

At weKnow Inc., we work with teams of immensely skilled programmers and software technicians who can swiftly make these changes to open source software to deliver a unique user experience. Our experience in the field has allowed us to inculcate a spirit of expeditiousness throughout the organization and it is a virtue that we will never compromise on.

This rapid project completion does not compromise the quality of your products. At each stage of development we put our work through rigorous quality and security checks to ensure the integrity of the structures we have set in place.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our open source development services or to hire our services as your open source developers for your organization.

Open Source Consulting

Understanding whether your open source solutions are the right ones for your needs, you might need some technical expertise. weKnow Inc. offers open source consulting to optimize and improve the outcomes of your open source development projects.

To create a product that delivers well requires assessing the available source codes within the context of your requirements.

weKnow Inc. technicians are some of the most innovative and creative open source developers in the industry. The skill sets we possess make us well suited to offering consultancy on what your existing open source software and application require to become a worthwhile investment. We can also develop strategies to help orient your software development such that it meets the goals you have set out to achieve through its use and development.

Speak with our representatives today to find out more on our Open Source Consultancy or to hire us as your Open Source Consultants for your software development projects.