How we shifted a shipping company's entire business ops from Excel to Drupal


The Dream Baggage started off their shipping business by handling package orders for a few clients using Excel, but now that they deal with thousands of packages each month and serve over 600 users and businesses, a simple spreadsheet is no longer efficient enough.

Therefore, they have decided to migrate from Excel to Drupal to streamline their processes and embrace a more scalable solution.

Leveraging our Drupal experience, weKnow helped them achieve:

From Excel to Drupal

What started as a side hustle managing packaging logistics for individuals, turned into a profitable business for The Dream Baggage (TDB), currently processing thousands of packages a month, and serving a client base of more than 600 individuals and businesses that rely on their service.

Before implementing Drupal, TDB required every customer to send them spreadsheets listing the packages that were sent to their warehouse facilities in Miami. On a weekly basis TDB processed hundreds of files, a time consuming process that lead to repetitive mistakes.

On the customer satisfaction side of things, the implemented solution enabled TDB’s clients to access real time status of their consolidated packages through an intuitive web platform, instead of having to constantly reach out to Customer Service for an update.

" When we first got approached by The Dream Baggage for this project, we were surprised by the way TDB was managing everything through a series of connected spreadsheets. After the project was done, Norma and her team immediately realized that implementing a web platform to manage their business was needed in order to scale, and that coming up with the solution wasn’t as expensive and time consuming as they thought. "

overall project outcome?

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