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Case Study

Software Development Services From Latin America

Latin America is slowly growing into a hub of tech development that offers low cost IT development services to companies in America. With a highly skilled workforce available at your disposal, your corporate ventures stand to reap a range of benefits that come with high quality software that is unique to the services at your disposal.

Our remote teams of developers are thoroughly trained and immensely skilled in the skills required to ensure an expedited production completion. Working with Agile software development techniques, our project managers are highly responsive and available at any time of the day to make sure you have your products delivered on time.

At weKnow Inc. we understand that working with remote teams can be something of a hassle, which is why you will always be in touch with representatives based in the United States that you can coordinate your projects with. We work with a wide network of software developers based in Costa Rica who will definitely deliver software that is suited exactly to your needs.

Offshore Software Development Companies

Working with an Offshore Software Development Company offers benefits that you would miss out on if you continued with in-house software developers. With the rising wage rates in the United States and the competitive nature of the IT labor market, finding a great developer who can deliver is becoming an ever more complex challenge for corporations.

weKnow Inc. offers its nearshore software development solution to reduce the cost burdens associated with maintaining in-house development teams which may or may not be always needed. If you choose, you can have access to a team of highly skilled developers who will be dedicated to fulfilling your software development needs.

Every individual who works with weKnow, is thoroughly trained in various software development and cross-platform development techniques to provide a comprehensive and complete development solution. With our teams at your disposal, we ensure that we perform rigorous quality assurance checks and software integrity to provide a refined resolution to your development needs.

Get in touch with weKnow today for more information on the full range of our services or to hire our teams to help with your software development projects at easily affordable rates.