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Nearshore Development Services

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Costa Rican developers are some of the best IT professionals worldwide. With the creation of a technology hub in Costa Rica, a simultaneous process of skill enrichment has made it a preferred destination for most IT outsourcing projects for companies in the United States. This skill development process has also created a novel opportunity for US based companies to augment their IT staff with Costa Rican Developers.

weKnow Inc. offers our clients the unique opportunity to work with remote IT teams from Costa Rica on a contractual basis. With our services, you get access to cost effective IT expertise that includes web development and software expertise.

Maintaining entire IT departments can begin taking a toll on your financial resources and keeping employees committed to the company can be a logistical nightmare. To avoid the hassle associated with flaky employees or to keep up with project timelines, our developers can supplement your existing manpower to deliver high quality end products.

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Contractual Staffing From Latin America

In-house web development can prove to be significant burden on your organizational resources. It is a burden that no one can do away with considering the increasingly digitized nature of the contemporary business landscape. As such, all commercial ventures require a digital presence that can help capitalize on the advantages posed by working online.

weKnow Inc. provides clients access to technically skilled and experienced programmers based in Latin America, particularly Costa Rica. Our programmers have undergone rigorous training in various platform development and can help augment your existing staff across competencies including Drupal development, cross platform app development and much more.

As you add our numbers to your own, our combined resources can help you achieve business goals much quicker and achieve project completion well within stipulated timelines. With our low-cost services and expedited service delivery, you will find that your overall organizational workflow will have significantly improved.  With this, you can devote greater time and resources towards much more relevant organizational functionalities, to present better services to your customers.

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