Running Multiple Python Versions in Mac OSX

If you're getting into Data Science and Machine Learning, you'll need this

By Eduardo García | Feb 22, 2018

Last few months I have been delving into Data Science and Machine Learning. Both fields are related. In fact, in my opinion Data Science…

PyCon Japan 2019 Recap

Our developer Javier Daza summarizes his experience at PyCon Japan

By Javier Daza | Nov 21, 2019

Coming to Japan for a technology conference has always been my dream since university. A lot of experience and learnings from cultural and…

PyCon Colombia 2020: Coding and dreaming

PyCon Colombia: Coding and dreaming

By Javier Daza | Feb 19, 2020

For me, it is a great pleasure to go back home and spend time with the community of Python Colombia. One of the many reasons to come is…