3 reasons why I love my job at weKnow

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Do you like your team partners? I do! At weKnow I apply my knowledge, and thanks to my coworker’s mentorship my skills have really improved to the next level. Here is why I love working at weKnow:

  • Communication is the most important aspect to this company, I have come to understand why it is so critical to know what our customers want and need; we achieve these by listening to their ideas and personalizing services; no client is the same. Having this in mind has allowed the company to mature significantly.

if you don’t understand people you don’t understand business

  • Another great benefit here is to work remotely, why? Well, I’m a fan of being at the beach, taking my things and coding a week from anywhere. In addition, not having a super strict schedule where you can accommodate it will suit each person’s different approach to creativity.

Joseph Zamora at Drupal Camp

  • Most importantly, we demonstrate to be capable of carrying out this work style, where we share our knowledge no matter where we are located, whenever needed we talk to each other for technical matters or even to joke a bit to light up the day.
  • Our workforce is made of a variety of people, scattered on different cities, all exceptional at something; ready to give you a hand or teach you something new. Many would think is complicated to adjust to a diverse team. It enriches the whole experience, and getting used to interacting with people of different backgrounds and to actively participate in the open-source culture makes us more collaborative.
  • Also, we are incentivized to participate in web development events (read about my colleagues experience at BADCamp) either nationally or internationally to learn from others, to share what we know. It’s in our DNA to make things right each time.

We feel fulfilled in our jobs when we help each other

I see weKnow as more than a job and they make me feel comfortable with what I do. Feels like home and I am fortunate, my team empowers me to propose my views, job load feels fair and management is truly empathetic. My job is unique and cool, every day making me see work and career as really fun and enjoyable to do.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a single day of your life.

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