DrupalCamp Costa Rica: How it was?

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Let’s start by saying that Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2023 was a resounding success! The event took place on November 25 in San José, Costa Rica, bringing together over 120 attendees from across the country, including students and professionals from the web industry.

The attendees were primarily students from engineering majors, including systems engineering, computer science, and web design/development from five different universities, including the National University, the University of Costa Rica, and CETAV. Many of them traveled to the event by bus from Guanacaste, Guápiles, Limón, and San José.

With 12 sessions, 2 workshops, and many more activities, we had a great time sharing knowledge and catching up with other Drupal community members. Take a look at the agenda here.


The sessions

We organized the sessions into three tracks: Backend, Frontend, and Business. Primarily focusing on content for beginners. I would like to highlight some of them below:


Traducciones en Drupal: Cómo crear un sitio web multilingüe

Jean talk taught attendees about how to use Drupal’s translation tools to create multilingual websites. He covered topics such as configuring Drupal for multiple languages, translating website content, and provided best practices for translation.


Dominando el Arte de Crear y Gestionar Sitios Web Épicos: Drupal y DevOps en acción

Joaquín, who is a former employee here at weKnow, explored how Drupal and DevOps can be combined to revolutionize the way we create and manage websites. He covered strategies and tools that can help maximize efficiency and quality in web development.


Optimización de Frontend en Drupal: Integración Avanzada con Emulsify JS y Storybook

In this workshop, Yohel addressed advanced front-end techniques in the context of Drupal. Key tools, such as Emulsify, Storybook, and the Paragraphs module, were explored in detail, along with the integration of Twig templates.


Optimización del Frontend sin Complicaciones: Una Introducción Práctica a Single Directory Components en Drupal 10

In this talk, we explored the new Single Directory Components module, and how it helps us with the efficiency and organization of frontend development in Drupal 10. Mariana explained in detail the benefits of using SDC and the architecture/structure of a component built with SDC. We also saw one or two practical use cases, for a better understanding and best practices for the effective implementation of SDC.


Drupal in Niche Application

Chris shared insights into his experiences, illustrating how Drupal can be effectively employed to create niche applications. He highlighted examples such as developing a geographic information system (GIS) for an oil company and crafting a media display system tailored for television election coverage.

Chris Persad (from Trinidad and Tobago) presenting "Drupal in Nich Application"
Chris Persad (from Trinidad and Tobago) presenting “Drupal in Nich Application”


Decoupled Drupal with Next 14 SSR

In this talk, Marco Ledezma demonstrated how the combination of Next.js and Drupal enables efficient integration between the user interface and the CMS. Leveraging server-side rendering (SSR), and showing us how this approach ensures optimal performance and a faster, smoother user experience.


The Workshops

In addition to the sessions, the event also featured two main workshops:


Introduction to Drupal.

A workshop for beginners who wanted to learn the basics of the platform, led by experts from the community.

"Drupal Site building" workshop with Dharizza leading the way
“Drupal Site building” workshop with Dharizza leading the way.


Decoupled with Next Drupal.

A workshop for advanced developers who wanted to learn about how to create decoupled websites with Next Drupal. We learned how to take Drupal to the “next” level of flexibility, leveraging JavaScript technologies and services from the website.

Students during the "Drupal Decoupled" workshop
Students during the “Drupal Decoupled” workshop.

We are already planning Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2024 in the 2nd quarter next year, right before DrupalCon Portland. Keen to visit Costa Rica for our camp? Drop me a line as I would love to help you make up your mind.



The event was sponsored by weKnow & Four Kitchens.


Organization committee on D-dayOrganization committee on D-day: Andrés Ávila (weKnow), Kenny Abarca (weKnow), Darissa Espinach (Evolving Web), Ronald (Chapter Three), Óscar Durán (UCR), Óscar Loría (Décimo Technology), Alberto Rojas (4Kitchens) & Alejandro Madrigal (Tanrem).