WordCamp 2023 Costa Rica

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WordCamp is a community-organized conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are held all over the world, and they are open to people of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced users and developers.

In this event, there is a variety of sessions and activities, such as:

  • Presentations on topics such as WordPress basics, theme and plugin development, security, and more.
  • Workshops where attendees can learn new skills or get hands-on help with their WordPress sites.
  • Networking events where attendees can meet other WordPress users and share ideas.

Is a great way to learn more about WordPress, meet other users, and get involved in the community.

This year, WordCamp was held in Costa Rica. David Santillan from the weKnow team took the opportunity to visit Costa Rica for the first time and attend his first ever WordCamp. He shared his insightful experiences with us:

“This past weekend I had the pleasure of assisting my very first Wordcamp which was held in the beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica.

Honestly I was astounded from the very first moment I set foot in Costa Rica. It’s really breathtaking how much greenery there is around the city, such a clear sky with beautiful clouds and very sunny. Every person I was able to meet was so nice and very attentive. The event was held at the Fidelitas University which was beautiful how it was surrounded by so many trees and just nature all around. There were so many different sessions by great speakers.

On Saturday I wasn’t able to attend all of them but I did go to Accessibility, Intro to WP and ChatGPT, Devops and others. Loved each session and it had so much information as to how all the new technology is being used to make WordPress experience even better. On Sunday, was WP contributor day which we had the opportunity to join others in the WP community to make updates to translations, view WP bugs and more to make WordPress better and more accessible for Spanish speaking users.

There were also more sessions in the afternoon that included subjects like Cyber Security and WordPress detailing the importance of thinking about how we must protect the sites we build and maintain for hacks.”