How to hire great remote workers

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As we have mentioned before, weKnow works 100% remotely. Hiring remotely allows us to search globally for the best people to conform our team. This gives us an increase in our candidate pool for job openings while also reducing our overhead expenses. However, the process usually comes accompanied with a lot of questions and doubts such as: Where can we find great remote candidates? And How to choose the best person for the position? After years of being in the business, we want to share with you how we manage this process and what we consider to be the most important aspects when opting for this hiring style.

Our guideline to find the best remote workers

The Application

The first step in the hiring process is to define the ground rules. You have to write a detailed job application specifically oriented for the person you desire for the position. The application should be activity oriented with clear parameters of what you need and expect from your employee. This comes hand in hand with defining your ideal candidate. When deciding what you consider to be ideal you should always focus on specific skills, personality, interests and traits such as motivation, that your company values in their workers. Think about who would be the epitome of perfection for the job you’re offering. All of your standards and requirements should come with an exceptionally defined employee value proposition, which refers to the balance of the rewards and benefits received by the employees from your company, in return for their work performance. Here at weKnow we offer a series of benefits for our employees such as:
1. Flexible schedules
2. Professional growth (certifications)
3. The person may work from wherever they desire
4. Work stability
5. Overtime payment
6. Up to 11 paid holidays per year
7. Up to 6 sick days or emergency time off per year
8. An excellent work environment
9. Professional Development Program (PDP) with a set budget per year to attend technology events and an extra bonus in case the person presents at the event (the person’s salary is also covered during the time of the event)

The Advertising

The next big step is the advertising process. Based on the answers from the aspects mentioned above, create an ad and sell the job and your company to the candidates. Give the people interested, a reason to apply for YOUR job offer and find the best platform to advertise it.

The Recruiting

Then, make sure to test your applicants and give them a clear example of the kind of work they would be expected to fulfill. This will help you filter out the unwanted employees and make a better and clearer decision. You may also request a live video interview where you propose a clear set of questions that they will be required to answer and that will help you analyze each prospect. Along with this, make sure to check references. After following all the corresponding steps and finding your ideal employee, make sure to provide closure for all the candidates that didn’t make it. Following all of these steps, we have managed to create an outstanding team to become one of the top software development companies in Latin America. If you’re interested in learning more about our team, what we offer and how we may help your company out, don’t doubt on reaching out to us!