How Staff Augmentation makes Digital Agencies more competitive

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The tech industry is an ever changing and ever growing field. It has become a challenge for Digital Agencies to have the required IT knowledge for every possible project they are presented with, and undergoing the staff process is not always a viable option. To face this growing issue, subcontracting and outsourcing models have become an essential output, and that is how Staff Augmentation entered the picture. 

IT Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing model that allows Agencies to access experienced and specialized employees to fill any existent talent gaps, for on project execution.  The hired developers join the existing members of the team and begin their duties either onsite, taking advantage of the company’s workspace, or offshore, working from a different location.

At weKnow, we have been solving staffing needs for over 12 years, providing clients with professional Drupal, Python and React developers. We are a Latin American company, with hand-picked talent from Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, and all over the world, with a mission to help our clients become more efficient. Through our experience we know that this business model, considering all its factors and when executed in the adequate way, can make companies more competitive.

When Agencies opt for augmenting their staff, they have a higher amount of control over the temporary personnel and the progress these make, compared with other existing outsourcing services. Additionally, apart from avoiding the hiring process, the need to reach out to freelance contractors is eliminated, which makes the recruiting process much simpler. The concept of being able to augment when needed, increases flexibility within companies, allowing them to embark on new projects, since expertise and specialized skill sets become available through a cost-effective service.

It is crucial to analyze when and how these models should be implemented in order to maximize their benefits in software and web development. Recognizing specific missing skill sets is the first step to considering staff augmentation. Then, identifying the project’s secrecy in order for companies to determine if they are willing to put out their information, even if it is to a couple of people and through settled contracts. 

Finally, selecting the proper service provider will determine the success of the augmentation. The provider should be highly experienced and qualified, up to date with the latest technological trends, and with qualifications that support their preceding work, guaranteeing that they are compatible with the business requirements. They should possess the ability to access specialized talent and services that fit the needs, an ability to meet deadlines, they should be dedicated to the given project and culturally compatible with the team.

To make the most of the hired crew, the client must always ensure clear communication with them to avoid any discrepancies, roles and workflows should be clearly defined and assessed from the start, every available and useful tool and technology should be taken advantage of and every progress should be documented.

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