What is weKnow Inc.?

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weKnow Inc. is a Nearshore Staffing & Development Company founded in Costa Rica in July 2009.

What started as a freelance project between two friends, Eduardo García and Kenny Abarca, helping clients in the United States, Canada and Costa Rica with their Drupal web apps, has grown into a team of 50+ members.

Now, we have supported more than 30 digital agencies in the United States, helping them scale their Drupal and WordPress teams when needed. Thanks to our cost-effective strategy, expertise and time zone, combined with an active role in the Open Source community since our beginnings, we have become the most active Drupal company in Latin America.

Although our main focus is in Drupal and WordPress; our talent is skilled and experienced across a wide range of web technologies, such as Symfony, React, Angular, Vue, REST API, GraphQL and AEM, as well as DevOps and Artificial Intelligence.

How weKnow Inc. expanded from Costa Rica to a broader Latin American presence

In 2013, 6 years after we embarked on our adventure and 4 years since doing it full-time, we decided to move into a bigger office. At the time, we allowed some of our most experienced members to work a hybrid schedule. However, after some time we were informed that the property that we were using as our office wasn’t actually allowed to host any business activities, so we received an eviction letter, with an order to leave in 10 days.

After the initial surprise and processing of the unpleasant news, Kenny came up with what would be one of our defining characteristics: making “working from home” our official policy. At first we had some doubts and even started looking for a new office space, but just before we closed a deal, we decided that remote work was the best way to go for us. Back then it certainly was a bold decision, but it was one of the best moves we’ve done as a company. It motivated our team and it made everyone happier to have 2 or 3 extra hours per day, which is the average time it takes a person in Costa Rica to commute to their office daily.

A couple of months later we realized that we could extend our team internationally, since we weren’t limited to a specific location. So, with that in mind, we started broadening the search for Drupal talent in Colombia, Perú, Argentina and México.

There were a lot of adjustments that needed to be made in order to incorporate all of these changes in our company’s culture, but in the long run, it was a solid success.

Our people-centric culture is what moves us forward

Following this successful shift, we decided to take the money we saved from renting office space to establish a Professional Development Program, in which each employee is allocated a yearly budget that can be used to attend a national or international conference, enabling the team to stay up to date with the latest technological skills.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

We have realized that when we make the right decisions for our team, we all benefit. With this in mind, we continue to offer more benefits to our team and constantly evaluate how things are going, so we can keep improving our approach.

Why weKnow Inc.?

We have been a supporting partner of the Drupal Association for 14 years now, and we are consistently contributing to the Drupal project, ranking as the first-largest contributing company in LATAM. In addition to our Drupal expertise, we are continuously expanding our horizons with different web technologies.

weKnow is more than our company name, it’s our brand promise. weKnow reminds our team and our clients that we deliver real value to any engagement by leveraging our expertise and know-how.

Our goal is to satisfy our clients to the maximum since their success is also ours.

If you would like to know more about weKnow and how we can help you build faster and more cost-effective web projects, feel free to drop us a line here.