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DrupalCon Portland
Luisanny Carrasco

What You Missed at DrupalCon Portland 2024

DrupalCon 2024 was held last week in Portland, and the weKnow team was well-represented by Humberto, Andres, and Matias. They’ve shared the most important highlights of DrupalCon this year, along with their favorite talks. In this post, find out about their highlights. The big announcement This year, the “State of Drupal” keynote featured an exciting announcement: the introduction of “Drupal Starshot,” an initiative to make Drupal more accessible and user-friendly.

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Matías Vessuri

State of AI Coding Assistants for Drupal Web Development

Coding assistants are not a new concept. Code completion aid tools, Microsoft IntelliSense, have been present in many integrated development environments (IDEs) since the late 1990s. These tools offer suggestions in pop-up dialogs as developers, aiding them as they write and helping them by providing options for functions, methods, and variables.Comment However, a more recent development in coding assistance involves the integration of artificial intelligence. Instead of just offering single

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weknow banner
Kenny Abarca Coto

We just built our website on WordPress + Elementor

Why did we make this change? Arriving at the decision to transition our company’s website from a Drupal headless environment to Elementor powered by WordPress was no small feat. It took months of deliberation among stakeholders, given our company’s longstanding history of Drupal CMS projects. Building our website has always been an opportunity to explore the latest technologies – from React for the frontend to a subsequent upgrade to Gatsby

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Is remote work slowing down the path to technical seniority?

After the critical years of the pandemic, there has been a lot of backlash to companies changing their policies and demanding employees to return to the office. One of the only few ‘positive’ things the pandemic brought us was the acceleration in adopting remote work. This situation allows people to change their residence to further neighborhoods and, more frequently, even move to another city or country. For those far from

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A Drupal guy in a Sitecore planet

Even though our history has been with Open Source CMSs (mainly Drupal & WordPress), recently we have expanded our knowledge to Sitecore as well. The difference between Drupal and Sitecore is big. They have a different approach, market & technology underneath. But in terms of solution, they are both within the same capability range. In my opinion Sitecore is a bit more of a turnkey solution, and Drupal goes for

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DrupalCamp Costa Rica: How it was?

Let’s start by saying that Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2023 was a resounding success! The event took place on November 25 in San José, Costa Rica, bringing together over 120 attendees from across the country, including students and professionals from the web industry. The attendees were primarily students from engineering majors, including systems engineering, computer science, and web design/development from five different universities, including the National University, the University of

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