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How we approached building the new weKnow site

It’s been a little over a year since weKnow came to life as a rebranding for Anexus, which allowed me to join the company as a new business partner. My main goal within the company is directing our efforts to explore new fields and technologies (that’s right, we are not just a Drupal shop anymore!) As a web solution provider, having a website that accurately reflects what we do is

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The WordPress Console Story

During a ‘workation’ (vacation while working) with my family in Colombia in late December 2016, I was brainstorming on how best to use all the knowledge acquired while developing the Drupal Console . Drupal Console is a CLI tool that can be used to generate boilerplate code, interact with, and debug Drupal. Drupal Console was inspired by the Symfony Console’s use of code generation to streamline best practices in symfony

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The Drupal Console Journey

Before the existence of the Drupal Console as a project, it all began with an idea to make Drupal 8 better. Every great invention/innovation begins with an idea, and the Drupal transition from 7 to 8 came with massive changes to the fundamental operating procedures of yesterday. Symfony components were making a splash into Drupal Core. Jesus and David, the initiators of Drupal Console project, came up with the idea

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