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Matías Vessuri

State of AI Coding Assistants for Drupal Web Development

Coding assistants are not a new concept. Code completion aid tools, Microsoft IntelliSense, have been present in many integrated development environments (IDEs) since the late 1990s. These tools offer suggestions in pop-up dialogs as developers, aiding them as they write and helping them by providing options for functions, methods, and variables.Comment However, a more recent development in coding assistance involves the integration of artificial intelligence. Instead of just offering single

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Authentication and Role-Based Access Control in Next.js

In today’s modern web development, the need for a robust authentication mechanism has become a common requirement. Many websites and web applications of all sizes need secure access controls to safeguard sensitive information and ensure a tailored user experience. Even in scenarios where access restrictions are not really needed, authentication can be used as a mechanism to identify and personalize user interactions to enhance user experience and engagement. Now, let’s

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The multi-cloud approach and useful tools for it like Kubernetes, Terraform & Ansible

When I started this series of articles I had something in mind, the way the cloud companies have categorized their services marketing strategies. It was a good starting point to organize what I wanted to say, but as I progressed with the series I realized there was more I should be saying. The focus of this last article is a bit different, it has to do with what’s now being

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Moving to the Cloud: What if you don’t deal with infrastructure at all?

In my previous articles we covered the general view, what you should do first and what your end goal should be. But there is one last approach to cover, what if you do not run things at all? This is what’s called Software as a Service (SaaS), you simply use services. You no longer pay for servers or licenses, you only pay for the service. In my head most clear

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Embracing the cloud model for your Application Development

In my previous articles I covered the general view and the first “seamless” step you can take when moving to the cloud. As you progress with cloud adoption you will realize that’s only a stepping stone in your path. It reduces the amount of work you’ll need to do initially, but it shouldn’t be your end goal. Your end goal needs to be embracing what it’s called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or

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Moving to the cloud with IaaS

As we covered in my previous article the first thing you can get from the cloud is a way of running your servers for you. You no longer need to have a data center, deal with communications, power, refrigeration, etc… You simply pay for your servers and data center needs on a monthly basis. This is what’s called Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), they will run servers for you. It also comes with

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