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Decoupling Drupal with Next.js

Introduction Drupal is undoubtedly a powerful and feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) that has earned its reputation for robust content management capabilities. However, when it comes to the presentation, Drupal’s built-in Twig-based Front End layer sometimes falls short when compared to more modern alternatives like ReactJS or other Front End frameworks. The use of ReactJS components within a Drupal theme can indeed enhance the frontend experience to some degree. Nevertheless,

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The Cloud Shift

This will be a series of articles where I will cover different cloud technologies, companies and tendencies. When someone says cloud, people think different things. Some think about how their phone can be lost and found, others think about how they need the internet to do anything, but this series of articles will focus mainly on technologies and providers behind this new reality. I guess first thing to cover is

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How to Integrate Snowflake with Drupal

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse that allows companies to keep and analyze huge amounts of data. Snowflake offers a high degree of scalability, performance, and security. Many companies choose Snowflake because it’s a reliable and efficient way to manage their data. So, if you are using Drupal and would like to take advantage of Snowflake, you can integrate both to empower your application with a scalable, high-performance, and secure

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Creating a Bottom Navigation Bar in Flutter

In this article, we will explore the creation of a bottom navigation bar in Flutter, taking advantage of the capabilities of this powerful framework for mobile application development. The bottom navigation bar is a fundamental widget that allows you to build an intuitive and efficient tab-based user interface for your application. Throughout this article, I will guide you through a practical example where we will use the provided code to

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Introduction to automation with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a powerful and flexible automation tool built into GitHub. It allows developers to automate build, test, and deploy tasks. If you already use GitHub as your code repository, you should at least consider what GitHub Actions can offer you to automate repetitive tasks and replace the use of additional tools. With GitHub Actions, you can create custom workflows that respond to a wide range of events, including

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CircleCI 101

Today there are many CI/CD options. Most services include some CI/CD services in their free offer (like GitHub and GitLab). Alternatively you can host your solution with Jenkins and avoid using a online service. But even with such a fearse competition, I think CircleCI free offering is an interesting choice. The documentation is amazing, it has SSH debugging, and lots of solutions that you can use (ie. AWS CLI ORB).

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