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Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is an open source CSS framework thought of as “Utility-first”, which, having predefined functionalities, can add classes to the styles and is reflected in the elements. It helps a lot to speed up the development process since less code is written because everything is done by including the code directly within the HTML code and only affects the specific and/or desired area. Tailwind CSS calls this “Utility classes”.

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How to have a good LinkedIn profile if you are a software developer

Every day it becomes more and more necessary for companies to have a website, a mobile application, or technological solutions that optimize their processes. For this reason, the demand for software developers doesn’t stop growing, and more and more offers are coming through LinkedIn for thousands of developers. However, even with all this, many developers don’t receive as many offers as they expect through LinkedIn. If this is your case,

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Drupal Configuration Split

One of the best tools for a good configuration management in Drupal is configuration split. In Drupal 8+ exporting and importing site configurations to other sites is very common, the problem comes when developers have development functions enabled that they do not want or should not bring to production. A clear example of this would be to have the devel module enabled in the development environment but it is not

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The other side to Drupal migrations

Up until now, site migrations have been studied from a development point of view in our “Understanding migrations in Drupal 8” blog, considering the ins and outs of what is required to make it all happen. However, there is another aspect that is less talked about but equally important in the process, and it is the strategy behind content migration. Site migration, also referred to as content migration, is the

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Tips for upgrading Drupal 8 to Drupal 9!

This article is a step-by-step guide to upgrading Drupal 8 to 9. Through this tutorial find some tricks and tips that could help you apply the proceeding with updating. As we know, Drupal 8 is dependent on Symfony 3, and Symfony 3’s end of life was November 2021. Consequently, Drupal 8 support ended on November 2, 2021. But the Drupal community worked hard to launch in June 2021 Drupal 8.9.

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Landmarks and Accessibility

What are landmarks? Landmarks are website elements that make the structure to define different sections or regions that are navegables for the screen readers such as NVDA in Windows and Voice Over in iOS. This structure offer assistive technologies to the users that needs to be oriented by their self using the keyboard only. Landmarks are identified by the most common HTML tags such as header, main, nav and footer

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